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2020 Foals

SOLD - Freya's Needle - Oubliette d'Acier x Auraxium War

Revenant Phoenix - Adelaide Fever x Into the Void

Gryffin - Love x Of Rooks and Kings

SOLD - Monster in the Attic ​- Facing the Veil x Corsons Timothy's Abraham 

SOLD - Revenge of the Valkyrie - Bazya x Into the Void

A select few of the foals each breeding year will be for sale. We do have many options and payment plans available. If you are interested in owning an upcoming foal or planning your own foal, please read the Buyer Seller Responsibilities 

page; then contact us.

Potential Foals

Available Mares: 

Oubliette d'Acier

The Jinx

​Facing the Veil

​Hessonite Garnet