** Our Stallion is available for AI ONLY (cooled) **

He will be available each year from March 1 to July 31 (with exceptions arranged in advance)

Envy is available to registered and non-registered, light and draft mares.   

American Cream Draft mares, Cream Tracking mares, and select full draft mares, when bred to HHF Colonels Invictus (Envy) could have foals registered with the American Cream Draft Horse Association (ACDHA).    

​Sendera Draft mares, Sendera Sporthorse mares, and mares declared as an Approved Cross, could have foals registered with the Sendera Draft Horse Registry (SDHR) as a Sendera Draft or Sendera Sporthorse. 

He is also available to other mares to produce quality Sporthorse foals, who could be registered with the International Draft & Sporthorse Registry (IDSHR).

(**The individual registries have the final approval of the foals and the right to approve or deny registration**)

Breedings do come with a Live Foal Guarantee (LFG) - LFG means a foal stands and nurses for 24 hours. 

Contact us for more information and to learn about the registration options available.

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HHF Colonels Invictus

For More Specific Breeding Information -

HHF Colonels Invictus
Year: 2018

Breed: American Cream Draft

​​​Registration: ACDHA & SDHR 

Height: 16.2 hands

Color: Gold Champagne

Genome: ee/AA/CHCH 

     - Homozygous Champagne 

     - Negative Cream

Tested Negative: GBED, HERDA, HYPP, JEB, MH, IMM, PSSM1