DARKlight Stables has spent years perfecting our breeding program. Using both old bloodlines, as well as more modern lines, we strive to create the best possible horses.

Our goal - perfecting a versatile riding draft horse, without giving up the treasured conformation, elegance, and draft personality.

2024 Foaling Season

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Starting in 2022, DARKlight Stables is proud to offer our American Cream Draft stallion for AI breeding.  

Also available will be a few Drum and Gypsy Vanner foals.  Our Sendera Draft and Sendera Sporthorses will be bred on request.

Whether you're looking for a stallion to breed to, interested in purchasing a foal/horse, or want to pick the horse of your dreams; each season we are proud to offer a selection of opportunities that are simply too good to pass up.  

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What Clients Say About Us

I'm so glad I found DarkLight.  They take wonderful care of my horses, going above and beyond to keep them happy.  It's nice to have a barn that makes me feel like a part of the family, and pampers my babies as much as I do!


Shannon H.

Owned by Bella Star (SDHR), Revenge of the Valkyrie (SDHR) and Vance's Comet

DarkLight found just the horses I needed for my clients, when I needed them. The horses were exactly what they were said to be and made my job easier because of it.


Josh Hankins

Multiple Horse Purchases

ACDH Stallion at Stud

American Cream Draft & Suffolk** 

Clydesdale, Drum & Gypsy Vanner** 

Sendera Draft & Sendera Sporthorse**

Proven riding horses for sale**

 ** Listed on the "For Sale" page as available 

DARKlight Stables offers more than just stallion services.  We also have a selection of American Cream Draft, Drum, Gypsy Vanners foals, as well as riding or driving horses for sale.  


With over 15 years of experience in the horse industry, the staff of DARKlight Stables has the experience to understand what our clients are seeking in their next companion. 

Our Team