2019 Foals

 FireFox - Hessonite Garnet x Corson's Timothy's Abraham



2016 Foals

No Foals - No breeding in 2015, so no foals this year

2017 Foals

Event Horizon - KCF Quaggas Ardent Sun x Cold Fusion

2018 Foals

After the Storm - Adelaide Fever x Into the Void

2020 Foals

Freya's Needle - Oubliette d'Acier x Auraxium War

Revenant Phoenix- Adelaide Fever x Into the Void

Gryffin - Love x Of Rooks and Kings

Monster in the Attic - Facing the Veil x Corson's Timothy's Abraham​

​Revenge of the Valkyrie - Bazya x Into the Void