​A signed contract and a deposit of $100 (subtracted from the Breeding Fee) reserves

your mare.

Year: 2014

Breed: Sendera Draft

Draft Percentage: 88%

Height: 16.1 hands

Color: Black; Blanket; Varnish Roan

Genome: Ee/aa/LPlp               

2022 Breeding Fee: $750 LFG** 
($100 non-refundable Booking Fee)
* The first collection of cooled semen IS included in the above breeding fee.  Additional collections are $300
* FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping cost (estimated $300) is paid directly to the collection facility - Crown 3 Equine)

**Live Foal Guarantee (LFG) - Mares are required to have a negative uterine culture within 30 days prior to breeding. LFG means a foal can stand alone and nurse within 24 hours after birth.

This beautiful stallion exemplifies what it means to be a riding draft horse.  With his elegant conformation and flashy color, he always turns heads, yet he also has the willing disposition drafts are known for.  Whether you're breeding him to a heavy mare for a little refinement, or a lighter mare for more bone and heft, this is the type of horse that will give you everything you want.  

Void has the upright headset and flashy movement people love seeing in draft horses, but he's built to ride as smooth as silk - and he passes it on!  Not only that, but Void is one of the few colored stallions standing publicly, and he is currently in training to become one of the best known Sendera Draft Horses.  Keep your eye on him to follow his upcoming show career.

SDHR mares, Sendera Sporthorse mares, and mares declared as an approved cross, may have foals registered with the Sendera Draft Horse Registry.  He is also available to other mares to potentially produce quality Sendera Sporthorse foals.

**The individual registries have the final approval of the foals and the right to approve or deny registration.

Contact us  for more information and to learn more about the registration options available.

DNA Tested at Animal Genetics:





MH - N/N


LP - LP/lp

​PATN1 - N/N