Year: 2018

Breed: American Cream Draft

Registration: ACDHA & SDHR 

Draft Percentage: 100%

Height: 16.2 hands

Color: Gold Champagne
​Genome: ee/AA/CHCH 

       - Homozygous Champagne

       - Negative Cream               

Are you looking for substance, and conformation, with the icing on the cake of guaranteed color?  

If you're looking for a little leg on your next draft or sporthorse, look no further.  This big guy stands 16.2 hands and has the most amazing "puppy dog" type of personality.

Envy is a registered American Cream stallion who just started his show career, and is showing exceptional potential.  He has already received blue ribbons at the 2021 Oklahoma Draft Horse show in Halter and Trail Obstacles In-Hand. 

He was also granted Sendera Auxiliary registration through the showing program, this young stallion is the start of a new future for the breed.  

We expect to see great things with him in the near future.  We are currently offering him to limited public breedings for his junior breeding year.

American Cream Draft mares, Cream tracking mares, and select full draft mares could have foals registered with the American Cream Draft Horse Association (ACDHA).

SDHR mares, Sendera Sporthorse mares, and Approved Cross mares, could have foals registered with the Sendera Draft Horse Registry (SDHR).  

He is also available to other mares to produce quality draft or sporthorse foals, who could be registered with the International Draft & Sporthorse Registry (IDSHR).

**The individual registries have the final approval of the foals and the right to approve or deny registration.

Contact us  for more information and to learn more about the registration options available.

American Cream Mare owners -- Reserve your place now!!

** $250 off Breeding Fee for all mares that will create a Cream Draft foal.

For More Specific Breeding Information -

DNA Tested at Animal Genetics:






MH - N/N




Breeding Fee: $750 LFG**  Cooled semen only 
($250 non-refundable Booking Fee, subtracted from Breeding Fee)

* Collection & Processing: $300 per collection - March through July
* FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping cost (estimated $300*) per shipment              
*Shipping cost may vary depending on day of the week 

Collection and Shipping cost IS NOT included in the Breeding Fee, both are paid directly to the collection facility - Crown 3 Equine or Burleson Equine)

**Live Foal Guarantee (LFG) - Mares are required to have a negative uterine culture within 30 days prior to breeding.  LFG means a foal can stand alone and nurse within 24 hours after birth.