Born June 6, 2018

"Very" completed her initial foal training and does all the things required of a two year old.  She loads in a trailer, stands for the farrier and vet, and loves water.
She's very easy to get along with, one of the first ones to the gate, and she has a never ending curiosity.  She gets along with everyone (regardless of species), and learns quickly.

She is registered with the Sendera Draft Horse Registry (SDHR) and can also be registered with the International Pattern Sporthorse Registry (IPSHR).

**SOLD!!** We look forward to seeing her upcoming adventures in California!

Breed: Sendera Draft

Registration: SDHR# G1-54-1806001
Draft Percentage: 54%
Height: 15.0 hands 
Color: Bay; Varnish Roan; Homozygous LP
Genome: Ee/Aa/LPLP

Tested Negative: GBED, HERDA, HYPP, JEB1, MH, IMM, PSSM1

Born April 13, 2013

"Addie" is a very personable, easy to get along with mare, and while not overly dominant, she isn't a pushover in the herd either.  She foals very easily and is a fantastic mother.  She has given us two beautiful fillies, that both have her laid back personality and smooth trot. 

Addie completed 90 days of saddle training in February 2020 and exceeded our expectations.  She is green broke, but she is calm, willing, and dependable under saddle, with the potential to go any way her new owner chooses. She is a pleasure to be around, loves attention, and is the kind of horse that is happy to try anything for praise.
She is a registered Sendera Sporthorse in the Sendera Draft Horse Registry (SDHR) and is also registered with the International Pattern Sporthorse Registry (IPSHR).

**SOLD!!** Addie will be a playday, trail riding buddy. We can not be happier!

Breed: Sendera Sporthorse
Registration: SDHR# SH-20-1404003; IPSHR# 1160
Draft Percentage: 20%
Height: 15.1 hands 
Color: Bay; Leopard
Genome: Ee/AA/LPlp/nPATN1
Tested Negative: GBED, HERDA, HYPP, MH, PSSM1

Monster in the Attic
Adelaide Fever


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Sendera Draft & Sendera Sporthorse

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Born April 30, 2020

"Monster" is a very flashy, solid chestnut gelding out of our Sendera mare - Facing the Veil and an American Cream stallion - Corson's Timothy's Abraham #587

While Monster may not have gotten the champagne or cream genes, he did get a healthy dose of both parents' wonderful personality! 

He is a big-boned colt and should mature to approximately 16.0-16.2 hands.  He's an in your pocket kinda guy, very curious and has been fearless with new situations since birth.

**SOLD!!** We can't wait for updates of his new life in a therapy horse program helping US Veterans! 

​Breed: Sendera Draft

Registration: SDHR# G4-85-2004002

Draft Percentage: 85%

Estimate Height: 16-16.2 hands 

​Color: Chestnut

Genome: ee/AA

Tested Negative: IMM, GBED, HERDA, HYPP, JEB1, MH, PSSM1

After the Storm