The mission of the International Drum Horse Association (IDHA) is to fill the niche demand for a tall, athletic, heavy riding horse and to do so with a new breed, rather than creating other types within other breeds.      Facebook Page: International Drum Horse Assoc

The main purpose of the American Cream Draft Horse Association (ACDHA) is the promotion and preservation of the American Cream Draft Horse.  The Association strives to promote the ACDH true to its founding ancestors without change brought on by show fads that have changed other draft breeds from their farming origins. ~excerpt from the ACDHA 2016 By-Laws      Facebook Page: American Cream Draft Horse Association 

Two Horse Tack - Handmade, custom Horse Tack & Equipment - Made in the USA - available in Leather or Beta Biothane. From mini to draft, and all sizes in between!

You will see many of our herd wearing tack from Two Horse. They have halters, English and Western bridles, Medieval bridles, harness, breast collars, reins; to many options to list them all here.  Made in Kentucky.      Facebook Page: Two Horse Tack

2B Performance Horses

Two Horse Tack

If you've been looking for a trainer in north Texas, we highly recommend 2B Performance Horses!!  Saydea trains all sizes, from pony to draft, and she gets them going right.  From playdays / shows, to trails, to parades, to carts, you just have to ask.    Facebook Page: 2B Performance Horses

American Cream Draft Horse Association (ACDHA)

Horse Training:

International Drum Horse Association (IDHA)

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) provides animal parentage verification, identification, forensics services, genetic diagnostics and genetic disease research as a self-supporting unit of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis.The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) is internationally recognized for its expertise in parentage verification, genetic disease screening, and diagnostic testing.


UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory 

Animal Genetics Inc.

Animal Genetics, the largest private provider of genetic testing services for horses offers a variety of reliable, state-of-the-art DNA tests to identify certain genetic traits in breeding horses and to determine the likelihood that these traits will be passed to offspring. The service ranges from testing for color breeding potential, to genetic disease identification, and relationship testing. 

Genetic Testing:


Tack and Supplies:

Sendera Draft Horse Registry (SDHR)

The Sendera Draft Horse Registry (SDHR) is an organization dedicated to reviving and maintaining this unique breed of horse and bringing it to the public's awareness.      Facebook Page: Sendera Draft Horse Registry

International Draft & Sporthorse Registry (IDSHR)

The primary goal of the International Pattern Sporthorse Registry (IDSHR) is to preserve and promote the Pedigrees of all Draft and Sporthorses.        Facebook Page: International Draft & Sporthorse Registry

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