Size, substance, and the kind of regal aura that demands respect - Of Rooks and Kings has it. Granted registration through the showing program, this young SDHR Auxiliary Registered stallion is the start of a new future for the breed.  If you're looking for a little leg on your next draft or sporthorse, look no further; this big boy is descended from old Shire lines, which means he's got plenty to spare.

As a modern bred Sendera draft, he was chosen for his adherence to the breed standard, proud appearance, and is expected to produce beautiful and correct foals.  Rook is an amazingly willing horse who wants nothing more than a little approval, and is willing to try anything.  While he may not be able to pass on color, he has everything else a mare owner could want in a Sendera Draft.

SDHR mares, Sendera Sporthorse mares, and mares declared as an approved cross, can have foals registered with the Sendera Draft Horse Registry.  He is also available to other mares to produce quality Sendera Sporthorse foals. Contact us  for more information and to learn more about the registration options available.

DNA Tested at Animal Genetics:





MH - N/N


Year: 2014

Breed: Sendera Draft

Draft Percentage: 100%


Height: 16.3 hands

Color: Black 

Genome: EE, aa - Homozygous Black


Stud Fee: NOT taking outside mares, but foals may be available.