Are you looking for the best of both worlds?  This young stallion is not only an extra-large "pocket pony," but he's already showing an aptitude for jumping!  Athletic, personable - and beautiful - this up and coming SDHR stallion has what it takes.  War is an excellent example of old-style SDHR breeding is the pinnacle of what draft horses should be, with the versatility that makes the Sendera Draft so amazing.  He'll be proving himself in the show ring in multiple events. He is being shown in hitch, saddle and endurance classes.

War is positive for PSSM1 (n/PSSM1, or single copy) so he will only be crossed to mares with a negative test for PSSM.  While our goal is to breed out the condition, this young stallion is the perfect example of why rare breeds cannot simply remove all carriers.  We feel that his performance ability, pedigree, and heritage within the breed justify the decision to continue the line.

SDHR mares, Sendera Sporthorse mares, and mares declared as an approved cross, can have foals registered with the Sendera Draft Horse Registry.  He is also available to other mares to produce quality Sendera Sporthorse foals. Contact us  for more information and to learn more about the registration options available.

Stud Fee: Not taking outside mares due to training schedule, but foals may be available.

Year: 2015

Breed: Sendera Draft

​Registration: SDHR

Draft Percentage: 100%

Height: 16.1 hands

Color: Bay; Blanket; Varnish Roan

Genome: Ee/Aa/LPlp


DNA Tested at Animal Genetics:






MH - N/N

PSSM1 - N/P1

LP - LP/lp

​PATN1 - N/N